A Note from the Founder & Producer:

My name is Lauren Class Schneider. I’m a voter and a theater producer. Gender equality and gender parity have been on my mind a lot lately.

The need for continuing towards gender equality & gender parity is real. It’s vital to our country and the entire planet. “12 Angry Men” performed by 12 Impassioned Women allows us to use our voices to tell a story, make others think, and motivate others to action. We were able to make that a reality by presenting “12 Angry Men” performed by 12 Impassioned Broadway Women on September 16, 2018.  It struck a cord, we hit a nerve and needed to expand the idea nationally - - - to create 12,000 Voices!

The name 12,000 Voices was chosen for it’s aspirational value.  Over the course of time, imagine readings in 1000 locations,  accumulating 12,000 voices.  In April 2019, we started with readings of “12 Angry Men” performed by 12 Impassioned Women, over the course of one weekend, all over the country: in high schools, community and regional theaters, community colleges, universities and community centers.

The readings took place in every nook & cranny of the country: red, blue and purple communities across 23 states and Canada! And after each staged reading there was the opportunity to update voter registration and learn about voter engagement. 

Voter suppression is real. Gerrymandering is real. Our voices and our votes matter. We can increase awareness and participation through the medium we all love.

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Founder & Producer,
Lauren Class Schneider