Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Who could participate in 12,000 Voices?
Anyone could host their own reading of “12 Angry Men Performed by 12 Impassioned Women.” We think it’s great for community theater groups, regional theaters, colleges, universities, community colleges, law schools, business schools, and high school Drama / English / and Social Studies departments.

2. I’d like to host a reading; do I need to register?
Yes. To have the biggest impact, the more readings across the country that are officially registered, the better. For groups wishing to include even one member of Actors’ Equity, Click here to begin registration as an Equity Company.

For all other theaters (colleges, high schools, community groups… etc.), Click here to begin registration as a Community Host.

3.   Is there a difference between registering as a Equity company or as a community group? What does it cost to register?
Yes. Through 12,000 Voices, your rights have been arranged with the proper publishing house. For theaters that employ actors on an Equity contract, your rights have been secured through Samuel French. The fee for Equity companies is $400.

For all other groups (including schools, community organizations, and other theater companies) your rights will be through Dramatic Publishing Company. The fee for Community Hosts is $350.

4. What if I want to use Equity actors? How would this work?
12,000 Voices has coordinated with Actors’ Equity. Equity readings can be presented through the Theatre Authority, a nonprofit organization that administers and regulates the free appearances of performers. Once registered, we’ll put you in touch with Russell Lehrer at Actors’ Equity, administrator for the Theatre Authority.

5.   What if I can’t afford the registration fee?
Thanks to an anonymous donor, a limited number of sponsorships are available. Please email us at to inquire.

6. What do I get for my registration fee?

  • Rights to present one performance of the play over the weekend of April 5-8, 2019

  • Listing in all of our national press and PR

  • Listing on our website

  • Access to our unified artwork for your own marketing and advertising

  • Access to our press release template

  • Production Notes from the New York reading to help guide your presentation

  • Guidance on procuring scripts for cast, crew, staff, and interested parties

  • Resources for Voter Registration opportunities

  • Resources for Voter Outreach opportunities

7. What am I committing to by registering?
When you register for 12,000 Voices, you are agreeing to present a reading of “12 Angry Men” Performed By 12 Impassioned Women and provide voter registration to your audience the weekend of April 5-8, 2019. A full agreement will be sent to you upon registration.

8.   What is a reading?
The play is not memorized; each cast member reads from their scripts. Play readings are often used to present material to an audience while limiting the amount of rehearsal needed.

9.   Should there be staging? Should I use props or costumes?
This is totally up to you! The more blocking, props, and costumes you use, the more time you might want for rehearsal.

10. What if I’d like to use more than 12 people on stage? Is that ok?
Good question! The cast includes 12 jurors, plus a few other small roles. We encourage you to cast your reading as you see fit.

11.  Should my reading be free, or may I sell tickets?
Every host and venue will approach this differently. You may decide not to charge an admission fee. If you do charge for tickets, you will manage ticket sales through your own website or box office.