12 ANGRY MEN was written in 1954,
19 years before women were permitted
to serve on juries in all 50 states. 

Over the weekend of April 5-8, 2019, play readings of Reginald Rose’s drama
“12 Angry Men” will be presented by impassioned women all over the country at community colleges, law schools, universities, high schools, community and regional theaters, and community centers.

Women on stages across the country will read a play about the power one person can have when they speak with conviction in our judicial system.

After the play reading, each local host will give the audience tools to update their own voter registration. Also, cast and audience members will be encouraged to engage in their own community to increase voter registration and turnout.

Let’s aim for 1,000 play readings – 12,000 Voices!

Read about our Launch Event in NYC!

On Sunday, September 16, 2018: we held a Broadway star-studded performance of the play to introduce our initiative and build momentum for the
April 5-8 weekend of 12,000 Voices!

Lend your voice to 12,000 voices!

12 Angry Men Performed by 12 Impassioned Women”

To stage your own play reading on
the weekend of April 5-8, 2019, click below.